“I need to lose weight first” …

I hear this all the time.  And I even say it myself occasionally.  It seems our weight (wether your a size 2 or 22) seems to hold us back from doing so many things.  It’s the number one reason women give me for no booking that session for themselves now.  So today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.  I’m going to let you see two sides of me.

I am currently at my biggest weight ever.  A year of stressful life changes will help that along pretty readily.  And while I could let it influence my every decision, I choose not too.  Did I just get a new gym membership?  Sure I did.  I deserve to work on me and be my best version of myself, and that requires me to get healthier.  That said, my weight doesn’t stop me from getting in front of the camera.  I refuse to be that mom who doesn’t have pictures with her kids because “I look too fat”.  I refuse to believe that I’m not beautiful or sexy because I’ve gained some extra weight.  I refuse to let the “ideal” make me feel like less of a person, or less of a woman.

before pic, with the weightHell in heels t-shirt, laying on back, still carrying extra weightfeet on wall, pearls

Please excuse the bad cell phone pic, but I wanted to show that just because my body is full of flaws, it doesn’t mean I can’t still look pretty darn sexy. (A big thanks to Sara Means for helping me!) I may not ever be the “ideal” woman, but I’m ME.  I deserve to celebrate that every single day, and so do you.