A little something fun for the brave

I need some fun!  I know my posts are often of a very serious nature, and there is certainly a place for that, but I’m in the mood for some fun.

I’m sure you’re familiar with body paint, but I saw a video recently on social media where the ladies where all painted up with glitter, rather than plain old paint.  It was beautiful!  Not only would it just be downright fun for an outdoor festival, but I think it photograph beautifully, just as it did for Beyonce on this magazine cover for Flaunt magazine.

So, what do you think?  Would you be willing to give it a try?  Would you do it for a festival or other public event?  Would you do it for a photo session?  How brave are you feeling?

If you’d like to give it a try, I found the perfect glitter!


Why boudoir is a feminist act

I absolutely consider myself a feminist.  I believe we are all equal.  We all deserve to be treated the same, paid the same, and have the same benefits.  That being said, men and women are different creatures with different needs, wants and desires.  Women are often treated as though our needs and desires are bad or shameful.  That double standard (sex is good for men, but bad for women) is so pervasive in our world that it colors how we perceive everything.


Many have questioned me about boudoir.  I have been told I am objectifying women, and holding women back by making them sexual objects.  That simply isn’t true.


Objectification happens when a person is looked at or treated like an object by someone else.  Objectification is done by one person to another with out their consent.


Boudoir is an experience.


It’s about claiming your own sexuality, and choosing to showcase it in the manner you deem fit.  It’s about embracing an aspect of your true self, and allowing that one aspect to be free for a time.  It’s about femininity, and the things that make us women.  Most women have breasts.  Women have hips and thighs, and other body parts.  Embracing, loving and showcasing your own body parts is empowering, not objectifying. Women are soft, vulnerable, beautiful, elegant, shy, coy, daring, brave, sexual, loving, kind, provocative…


We are many things.


Boudoir isn’t just about what we look like, but also about feeling, emotion, texture, mystery, confidence…


It’s about everything that goes into making us who and what we are.


Boudoir is a feminist act because we are claiming our own bodies and our own souls.  We are CHOOSING how we are seen, and how we see ourselves.  We are making a choice to be vulnerable in a positive way. We are choosing to be ourselves and embrace everything about us that makes us women.


Boudoir is an act of bravery.