A “Can’t Mess Up” checklist for your very first session

Planning your first session with me is SO easy, but a lot of women can feel overwhelmed with it, and worry that they’re missing important steps.  I’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of everything you should do when planning your session.

  • Choose your date and time
  • Sign and return your contract, and pay your creation fee
  • Decide on your “outfits”.  (Most sessions include 3, but if you need help narrowing them down, it’s okay to bring more)
  • Make sure anything that needs ironed is, and is wrinkle free for the best images
  • Be sure to pack shoes, jewelry and any other accessories
  • If spray tanning (which I do not recommend) do it at least 2 weeks prior to your session
  • If waxing, make sure to do it a few days before to ensure proper healing time
  • Make sure nails are neat and trimmed.  Polish is nice, but not necessary
  • If applying your own makeup, apply it slightly darker than you’d normally wear it.
  • Relax and have fun!

Want more details?  Sign up for my “Amazing Session Planner” here. It has everything you need to know and more!