I know you

I know you.  You are the woman who puts everyone else before yourself.  You devote yourself to the people you love.  You put your kids and your significant other’s needs above your own, and you do it happily.  You love completely.

You are strong, smart and independent.  You know this about yourself, and yet you still sell yourself short sometimes.  Other people in your life describe you as fierce, amazing and resilient.  They are in awe of your power and your perseverance.  You think of it as just doing what needs to be done and never considered giving up as an option.  But the people around you know that many before you have given up.  That many before you have put down their figurative sword and stopped fighting.  Stopped fighting for their kids and their families and themselves.  The truth is, quitting is an option, it’s just never been one in your mind.  But that’s what makes you special.  That’s what makes you amazing.  Not everyone has that strength.

You forget sometimes that this is who you are.  You know you like who you’ve become over the years, but you don’t give yourself the full credit you deserve.  I know this about you because I am you.  I built this business for YOU.  I see you.

I know you because I too have sold myself short.  I too have bought the story that I’m just doing what needs to be done.  I have believed the words of others who wished to control me by diminishing my power and my fierceness.  I have felt worthless, unattractive, unnecessary, powerless.  But I am not those things.  I am amazing, and so are you.

I built this business to remind you who you are. To allow you to unleash a side of yourself you don’t see on a daily basis.  I built this for me as well.  I built it to remind me who I am and what I want to give to other women.  In truth, I’m just the mirror, reflecting yourself back to you.  Sometimes you need someone else to hold that mirror in order the see the reflection.  Come and let me hold the mirror for you.